Water is symbolic of introverted emotions. When 'water energy' is extroverted, it is love. It is symbolic of the lymbic system (the emotional brain) when relating to non-violent emotions.

Water has an affinity for earth (and vice versa) and is generally opposed to air and fire.


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the signs associated with water.


Water is represented in the Tarot by the The High Priestess and the Suit of Cups. Water appears in Tarot cards both as water and as the moon.

Cards Featuring Water

  • The High Priestess - calm, behind her, behind the veil.
  • Temperance - in a calm pool and being poured between two cups
  • The Star - in a calm pool and in two jars, one being poured in the pool, one on land
  • The Moon - a pool from which two lobsters emerge
  • Two of Wands - in a distant lake in the daytime
  • Three of Wands - in a lake with ships at dusk or sunrise
  • Eight of Wands - a fast moving stream in the background
  • Ace of Cups - overflowing from the cup like a fountain into a large pool with lillies
  • Two of Cups - two cups being held together closely by two people
  • Three Cups - in three cups being held high in a toast by three people
  • Four of Cups - in three empty cups tasted and one offered and refused
  • Five of Cups - in three cups spilled, two still full, and in a turbulent stream in the background
  • Six of Cups - assumed under the bridge and it's significant that cups are used as planters for flowers
  • Seven of Cups - seven cups containing various phantom images, one of which are covered
  • Eight of Cups - eight cups stacked up in the foreground and in the middle, with a man having crossed the river to the other side of the river in the background
  • Nine of Cups - nine cups posed like trophies on a shelf above a proud man
  • Ten of Cups - ten cups in a rainbow above a happy family
  • Two of Pentacles - a turbulent tide
  • this list is incomplete


  • In the MBTI, the NF temperamental is strongly connected to water.
  • Water is more or less represented in Magic: The Gathering by White cards.
  • The House of Hufflepuff represents water and the positive nurturing aspect of earth (Slytherns represent the negative aspect.)
  • In TMNT, Michelangelo represents water.

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