Star Wars

Star Wars burst onto the scene in 1977 as a new standard for special effects. Star Wars was the precursor to every modern sci-fi movie made today. Using stories like Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress, Joseph Campbell's myth philosophy, and the old movie sci-fi serials like Flash Gordon, George Lucas created a space opera that has given rise to increasingly greater CGI, sound, and media. Even though the special effect techniques used in Star Wars are severely outdated, today the original version shines and an example of the transition between old and new special effects techniques.

Star Wars has since inspired numerous tie-ins, and has a few million geeks to support it's continued existence. Crazed fans continue to buy a metric buttload of Star Wars merchandise, video games, and attend Star Wars conventions dressed in costumes ranging from silly homemade contraptions to extremely detailed movie quality costumes, which is a sure sign that that person has no life.

Star Wars television show

Two Star Wars television shows have been promised by George Lucas, but neither of them are coming soon. One, computer animated and set during the Clone Wars, is set to debut in fall of 2007. The other one, a live action show, is slated for 2008.

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