list of overdone plots

Whether its the movies, tv shows, short stories or novels, there are just some plots that should be left alone because they have been done to death. This is a list of overdone plots.

  • Bloody Hero - A man rides in to save the day by killing evil do-ers.
  • Bonk Amnesia - One character gets hit on the head and looses his memory. Another bonk on the head revives it.
  • Brain Swap - Somehow two characters get their brains swapped.
  • Boy Meets Girl - Boy and Girl don't get on one bit. Boy and Girl face and overcome a series of trials and/or challenges, eventually realizing that they're madly in love with each other.
  • I'ma comin' tah git cha! : A group of characters are introduced and then killed off one by one by a predator.
  • Suddenly Rich - A person gets alot of money, then loses it.
  • Power Break - A person gains an item that makes him powerful (or a superability), abuses it, and then loses it.
  • Power Break 2 - A person gains an item that makes him think he has a skill or power, but in reality it doesn't. The person learns that he was capable of it all the time.
  • Power Break 3 - A skilled person looses the skill (usually thorough the loss of confidence) and must regain it.
  • Unseen Love - One character is in love with another character "out of their league." A friend is with the main character during the persuit to win the second characters affections, but he loses. Then, he realizes that he loves his friend, who was there all along, but unseen. We at Couch Scholars call this Hollaback Syndrome.

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