list of cool band names

So, you have a band and you need a name? Well, we've all had this problem. Here is a list of unused (or at least, we think unused) cool band names to help you along. If you use any of the cool band names here, please give a link to your website so we can know it's claimed.

  • 37 Dollars in Change
  • 400lb Drag Queen
  • Angry Love Child
  • Bitchbeater
  • Blingstealer
  • Blingwagon
  • Bucket o' Evil
  • Bumgardner
  • Candy Canes, Planes, and Pirate Choo-Choo Trains
  • Children of the Monkey Basket
  • Dangerous Pets
  • Death Seeking Missle
  • Drive By Amish Guy
  • Egyptian Bling
  • Fatal Crunch
  • Fellow Jews
  • Frank's Model Airplane
  • Green Shirt Display
  • Joking Jesus
  • Kleenex for the Crying
  • Lead Rain
  • Little Dead Girl
  • Midget Consumption
  • Muscle Butts
  • No Compute, SeƱor
  • Nunchucku Improvement
  • She Plays With Snakes
  • Spoonbender
  • Super Turbo Mystic Evil Thought Experiment
  • Too Fat To Dance
  • Wang Money
  • Wet Kiss
  • Whisp of Nitro
  • Wicked Masked Man


Too [adjective] to [verb]
Too Fat to Dance
Blingstealer, Bitchbeater, Spoonbender

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