flag burning

The so-called "debate" about flag burning in the United States of America is incredibly stupid when you consider the origin one side - the people that want to "protect" the US flag by making it illegal to burn one. To accomplish this "protection", they plan to pass an amendment to the US constitution. If they are successful, they will have taken a dump on both the flag and the constitution.

First, the US flag doesn't need protecting. It continues to sell very well despite the fact that a few people have burned it in protest. The flag is safe as an American symbol and it's strength comes from individuals who honor it of their own free will, not a law or amendment that criminalizes free speech.

Secondly, to amend the constitution is to say, in effect, that you think there is something wrong with the constitution. The anti-American people supporting this amendment have no respect for the US constitution. It's not broke. It doesn't need fixing.

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