Earth is symbolic of earthly, sensual pleasures, nurturing, female fertility, and industry.

Earth is …


Earth is the most solid and concrete of the four elements and deals with things that are considered 'real'. Water is a substance but one that can only be felt as it runs through your fingers. Air, like the mental thoughts it portrays, has no real substance and is felt even less than water. Fire has no physical substance, but is felt by it's radiation.


Earth is sensual. Things of the earth must be sensed externally. Flowers have to be smelled, earth has to be felt. The fine women and fine wine are related because they are both sensual pleasures. (And one of them enjoys being consumed.)

See beauty.

Creative (Productive)

The creativity of earth is productive in the sense of production of concrete, physical things. Women produce children. Blacksmiths produce weapons, but don't use them. Farmers produce food.


Earth nurtures what it creates. Women care for and nurture their children. Blacksmiths care for the metal works they produce. Farmers care for their crops and nurture them.

The earth principle is often mistaken for fire in mythology when a myth includes some kind of 'god of the forge'. Such industriousness in creating material things represents the earth principle. Creativity as it relates to creating solutions to problems belongs to fire. Someone who manufactures weapons for a war or race nurtures the war just the same as a mother nurtures her children with good food.



Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the signs associated with earth.


In the Tarot, the element of earth is represented in whole by The Empress. The masculine principle of earth is represented by The Emperor. The Emperor and Empress together are the archetypal mother and father. The Suit of Pentacles is dominated by earth.


  • In the MBTI, the SJ temperament is closely related to earth.
  • Hobbits and fantasy Halflings are symbolic of earth. They are sensual creatures who love comfort, good food, good friends, and money.
  • Fantasy dwarves also represent earth, the industrious aspect.
  • Earth is primarily represented in Magic the Gathering by Green cards.
  • Leonardo represents earth in TMNT (nurturing aspect). One of his major challenges is integrating the sensual aspect and enjoying life once in awhile. Therefore you could say that Leonardo represents a conflict between two sides of the same coin.
  • The House of Slytherin represents a negative portrayal of earth.
  • Dr. McCoy from the original StarTrek and the counceller from the Next Generation portray earth.

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