Dance Dance Revolution Experiment


Is Dance Dance Revolution really a great way to get in shape and lose weight? To find out, we're going to put Harnell on the DDR diet. In this experiment, Hartnell will play DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution for an hour a day and stay within a 2000 calorie diet for a month. Everyday, Hartnell will weigh in, record his weight and resting heart rate and every week, he will be required to complete a mile walk/run in the shortest amount of time possible. At the end of the initial experiment, data will be compiled and checked to see if there is evidence that DDR is a great way to get in shape and lose weight. For six months after the initial experiment Hartnell will report weekly his weight, time spent playing DRR and the total calories of his diet. At the end of each month, he will complete a mile walk/run in the shortest time possible. This follow up experiment will attempt to establish if DDR is only entertaining for a short while, or becomes a lifestyle choice.


This experiment was corrupted. Even though Hartnell liked playing DDR and got very tone, shaply legs, no honest scientific merit could be established because he is still losing weight due to the fact he is on Adderall.

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