Choice is the selection of two or more options. Everyone makes the best choice for them at the time they make the choice. No one makes bad choices — people have incomplete information and makes the best choice they can from what they know at the time.

Choice is easy to predict because a person will choose the "best" choice based on their values (that is, if you know their values.)

Influencing Choice

Card Forcing

A way to influence choice is to limit the choices a person is able to make. This technique is used by illusionist and is called "card forcing". It is a way to get a member of the audience to choose a specific card.

Decision Making Functions

According to the MBTI there are two decision making functions : feeling and thinking.

Feeling types make decisions based on how they feel about them.

Thinking types make decisions based on logic.


Satisficing is choosing an option that is "good enough" rather than the optimal choice.

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