Autograph Equals Phone Number Experiment


Does fame, or perceived fame influence how women perceive men? If someone asks for your autograph, is an attractive woman more likely to give you her phone number? To find out, we are going to use the same Chromium in two experimental trials. In the first trial, Chromium will ask no less than 100 attractive women for their phone numbers. Then, in the second trial, Hartnell will pretend to be a stranger and ask Chromium for his autograph in front of no less than 100 attractive women before Chromium proceeds to ask them for their phone number. The numbers will be compared and the results posted.

As a bonus, we will then ask 100 unattractive women for their phone numbers with no pretense of fame. We hope this will serve as a useful (or at least fun) control to the experiment.


This experiment is pending.

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