"Strawman! Strawman!!" - Every fuckin' athiest in the world.

Atheism is a position of resistance against the belief in god(s).

Patterns and Beliefs

In general, atheists are better than thou crusaders and pseudo-intellectuals who separate the world into black and white divisions of believers and non believers. In fact, atheists are incapable of understanding that someone is capable of not separating the world in such a way and will freak out when someone says that they simply don't care about the issue of 'god'.

They also have a false sense of being a persecuted minority. Persecuted, of course, by the Theist Conspiracy. Anyone who doesn't believe in the 'Great Theist Conspiracy', atheists believe, is a complete moron who needs to pick a side or else is a 'theist in disguise'.

Atheists believe that they are smarter than their arch nemesis, the theists, simply for rejecting an idea that doesn't do anyone any good whatsoever either way.

Atheists tend to believe that they are the defenders of science and logic when, in fact, they know little to no 'science' and logic and merely point to things other people have done.

Atheist Arguments

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