Arousal is the activation and / or amplification of a motivating force, almost always emotional.


If the motivating force is negative, then one way to increase the arousal is to aggravate it, that is, make whatever stimulates the motivating force worse.

Extended Arousal Stimulation

Slowing down and extending the time of arousal stimulation intensifies the experience in many cases:

  • flooding smile — an impassive face slowly, over many seconds, to a beaming smile
  • sensual skin stimulation

A Theory of Emotion

One theory of emotion states that there are only four emotions :

  • unpleasantness - pleasantness
  • excitation - inhibition

If true, then arousal has to take into account the level of arousal + the direction of arousal. This jives much with hedonism.


F.L.A.G.S. (the five feelings) is shorthand for the five most easily aroused emotion groups :

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