Anticipation is a state of arousal based on expectation. That is, it is the psychological and emotional component of having an expectation about something. The effects the anticipatory state on the mind and body will vary according to the type of expectation. It can be exciting (pleasure and fear) or depressing (certain, lonely slow doom.)

All 'exciting' anticipatory states make the person more 'alert', with effects including a wider opening of the eyes.

Fear is a primal state where the expectation is pain or death.

Arousing Anticipation

Increasing the speed of your speech increases anticipation in the person listening to you. This is true for both pleasurable anticipation and anxiety based anticipation. It could possibly help someone come out of a depressive anticipatory state and help turn it into an exciting one, but this hasn't been tested.

Factors of Anticipation

Types of Anticipation

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