Annoyance is an irritation caused by being distracted from what you would rather focus on. If this happens repeatedly and often enough to keep us from refocusing on what we do want to (or need to do), it leads to frustration and anger.

In this way, you can annoy someone to arouse frustration / and or anger, but it's not the smartest thing to do directly because you are clearly the cause of the annoyance. Instead, send someone to annoy them. Or give their kids noisy toys (as the emperor gives an elephant). Place something in the background of their environment which would annoy them.

Annoyance Escalation

The first reaction of annoyance is to simply, and blindly bat at the annoyance while trying to maintain your focus of attention on what you want.

Does annoyance turn to anger when attention must be diverted after a long period?

If frequent interruptions are total, does the mind continue to monitor the annoyance after the last interruption, continuing to make it more annoying?

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