Anger is an emotion that, properly focused, is most likely used to break past obstacles. Anger invokes power and aggression to break through problems and obstacles. It can easily be misused if also combined with hostility.

Anger is not hate. Hate is much more severe and is the result of actual or perceived damage done. (Hate groups have leaders who tell them constantly the damage a group does to the hate group.) While anger is rooted in the lack of achievement of a goal.

Anger is one of the five feelings most easily aroused. Annoyance and frustration are more easily aroused than anger, but they eventually will turn into anger itself.

Anger can be directed inward.

Anger includes :

  • annoyance: impatience, patience
  • frustration, either annoyance or frustration can be combined with hostility to create a scapegoat. The difference is in how severely the scapegoat is persecuted. Persecution of the scapegoat leads to a sense of satisfaction, a job well done, a sense of having done something for the wider community (who all were carrying torches.)
  • satisfaction

Arousing Anger


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