Acculturation is the process of learning the social norms and traditions of a culture of a social group by someone who is new to it. Part of the acculturation process is learning the culture's culture narrative. People in the acculturation process are often viewed as 'posers'. See aesthetics.

Acculturation must be completed to gain membership within a group.

Acculturation happens when a new member attempts to become a part of a group. Acculturation is not assimilation.


  • Immigrants moving to a new country. In this case, language is a big factor in successful acculturation.
  • A person moving from one social circle to another.

Sequence of Acculturation

Acculturation has a sequence. We're working on it:

  1. Establishment of pecking order position


Indoctrination is the process of learning the social norms of a social group. Membership in some groups can begin with indoctrination, as it does in many religions.

Indoctrination is a forced kind of acculturation.

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